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President Muhammadu Buhari is now in power and has even been in power for over a year now. a lot has happened in his one year as president and the part of the whole thing that has really grabbed my attention is the ‘tomatoes  wahala’ which i see as very hilarious. But, lets look at something here. in Nigeria, compared to some countries in the world, we grow our food all year round, however, some foods are seen or rather gotten in abundance according to its season, for example, yam, it is something that is gotten well enough, during the months of august, the igbo culture have what is known as the new yam festival…………..same as our tomatoes. Even though, it is something we use for our stew and jollof rice. Lets leave sentiment out of this, when you meet an average Nigerian house wife, that visits the market on a regular base,she would tell you, yes, tomatoes are expensive……….we import practically everything into the country including the  tomatoes. What are we making in the country by ourselves that we can boost of that gives us enough revenue? oil ti take over (oil is now the dominant source of revenue) LOL, its not like we are even refining the oil ourselves, we give foreign countries to do it for us and they send it back to us to buy at a higher rate (very embarrassing), anyway that aside. one aspect of the country that am sure a lot of us would know, that would bring lots of revenue is the agricultural sector, as of 2010, agriculture generated 30% of employment to the Nigerian citizens, as well as commercializing the business enterprises, however, this is one sector that could generate more than this 30% we talking about here………………...

abeg, no be only this one sef, i read say, Fulani herdsmen dey kill people for the country, and then i think again, what exactly is their reason? how did it start? where do they get their ammunition?

i get plenty things to talk but one thing i believe in, is that, no matter how good a leader is, the country won’t go anywhere without the maximum support of its people, and that is one thing we fail to understand, we need to start by changing our orientations about a lot of things . ‘don’t walk behind me, i may not lead; don’t walk in front of me, i may not follow; just walk beside me and be my friend’, this, i believe is what the nation is asking from us right now.

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Its been a quiet moment for me, as I fear for what will happen to my beloved country, Nigeria. From the certificate saga to postponement of election.

I just recently read in the news, “Jonathan’s dangerous alliance with OPC and MASSOB. It was quite obvious that thing did not go well and somewhat went well, as in Awka the MASSOB protest was peaceful and the opposite was the case of the OPC, as they displayed aggressiveness towards passer-by, especially those trying to make end means for their families by being at their duty post as soon as possible.

Sometimes, I ask myself how things will be in twenty years time, if we keep breeding roasted meats as leaders. Notwithstanding, there are still some treacherous citizens who are not left out, as they are baits who only come to poison the masses and reap them of purity.

I remember barely two years ago when Nigeria was to mark the 2013 democracy day and His excellency, the president of Nigerian made mention in His speech that the nation was faced with three fundamental security challenges posed by the Boko haram, which were, the movement for the actualisation of the sovereign state of Biafra in the south-east and the Oodua people in the south-west. I have no idea were he was going to, but one thing I know for sure is that what happened in Awka is something the country should be conversant with as we have the forth coming elections drawing closer. It is a period were hungry politicians hire useless troops who are hungry as well to fight their battle. but one thing for sure is that a  man who acquires the ability to take full possession of his mind, would also have the ability to take what is justly entitled to him. LETS SEE WHO WINS THIS BATTLE TO TURN BACK THE HANDS OF TIME……….   Image result for photos of goodluck ebele jonathan and buhari



In many parts of the world, organised religion remains the most powerful force in a society. “Religion is the opium of the people”, is one of Karl Maxs’ celebrated dictum that had a quiet genesis. And in todays world, seems so. I read somewhere that “we were all humans until race disconnected us, religion separated us, politics divided us and wealth classified us. we are still humans and would always be. Race disconnected us because we allowed it happen, Religion separated us because we allowed it happen and politics because we decided it that way, politics is as old as man itself, because every human being has always practiced politics. We knew the word “politics” because the English man told us about politics.

The major religious groups in the world today are known as the “Abrahamic Religions” and this, because they are named for the patriarch, Abraham. Abraham was mentioned both in the Qur’an and the Bible and never was He mentioned for a negative thing, Abraham also the 16th president of the USA and I believe was assassinated because of his patriotism. In Nigeria, I got to understand the fact that the country’s religious affiliation is strongly related to ethnicity, believing that one ethnic group is better than the other, which obviously would bring about religious differences because each ethnic group is dominated by a religion and the dogmatism of religious opinions amongst people. oh yes, we are all guilty of that!!!!!! But this shouldn’t mean people should cut heads or slaughter people’s beloved over it, it’s very irresponsible and irrational, do u want to eat the religion?

Between 2011-2014, has seen an alarming death rate of people from different religions and ethnic backgrounds, WHY? I ask myself, “is it all in the name of religion”, hell no. Frankly, a growing desert makes things worse, as people from the north travel all the way to the south for food and other resources which would obviously bring about conflict as they are intruding, says John Campbell, a Nigerian expert at the council on foreign relation. And to make matters worse, the boko haram menace, I have personally decided to classify them as very local champions, bush meats and irresponsible lower animals that knows no bound.

It’s a country full of hopes and aspiration, a country full of potentials if only things could be done rightly, seriously, lets just do the right thing, because we come and go like ripples in the stream…………….




A judge of the Federal High Court of Nigeria, civil division, was once asked by a citizen who came for a court visit, why Nigeria couldn’t adopt the system of jurisprudence and the judge’s first reply was pointed out to the level of corruption the nation had attained.

Jurisprudence generally speaking, in the sense of having a natural law, putting other people’s idea as laws, the law is man made, no doubt, but is given to people in power to help us make this laws. this jurisprudence could be more of the believe of our late Fela Anikulapo kuti, that “in Nigeria, people are convicted by law and not the truth”, laws should not be made by a certain group of people put in power, but by every citizens as everyone has the right to freedom of opinion.

This is where I now ask about the use of the jury system in Nigeria. Can there ever be a jury system in Nigeria?

Jurors do not necessarily have to be from the legal profession and often are not, they do not have to have legal knowledge about the law and often are not, these system of government developed from the British common law and has been used ever since, and even in America. I believe Both the UK and Nigeria have an adversarial system of government, but I wonder why it works better in one country and not the other. The biggest advantage of the jury service is that the accused are judged by ordinary citizens like them and their verdicts are passed on for the judges to read. the truth of the matter is that Nigeria is a country full of ethnic groups that do not know the origin of their ethnic background but still have that dogmatic belief that one ethnic background or group is better than the other, a country where languages has become a serious barrier for everyone and a country that has been drastically reduced to nothing all in the name of religious beliefs and fanatics, a place where culture has brought so much difference to the extent of lack of trust.

This jury system could be put there just to see the level of difficulties the judges go through when deciding on some cases and to feel how it feels when the criticism comes in.10372550_778610295542947_785573492231497142_nimagesF355D0TKmandela


I remember back in Elementary school or junior high when you have a misunderstanding with your fellow class mate and u quarrel and friends and fellow class mates try to calm you both down. Few minutes later you find yourself at the head of school’s office for query and further questioning.

Fast forward to later…………Get back to class and the teacher comes in to warn other students and for the previous incident not to repeat itself, That’s exactly what just happened in Nigeria, and the headline goes thus; “JOHN KERRY MEETS JONATHAN, BUHARI: URGES NIGERIAN POLITICIANS TO ENSURE PEACEFUL ELECTION”. The last time I checked, I have never seen or read in the news that a Nigerian president or any African president has been to America to ensure a free and fair election. WHY?

The last time I checked America is a country 20 states bigger than Nigeria, it’s a country that have shown themselves to be bigger in all ramifications and the rest of the world has accepted it, because it’s called strategy, it’s a country full of ethnic minorities because it’s a land full of dreams and fulfilled dreams, it’s also called strategy, it’s a country where a world population indirectly worships whoever is the president and accepts decisions from them free of charge, it’s also called strategy. America is ruling the world today is because society has accepted that, why don’t we allow the society to accept us too. We accept every obstacle that come our way and relax, instead of telling that obstacle, “I can fix u.”

john john3 john4

Politics is a game, a dirty one at that, full of lies and pretence. we play this game everyday, in schools, universities and sometimes in our homes…………………….

ALMA MATER……………………

So much controversies pertaining to one of Nigerian’s presidential candidate, Muhammadu Buhari. Sometimes I ask myself, people make culture and not the other way round. In the history of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari once ruled Nigeria (1983-1985) and no one ever bothered to ask for his academic certificate, why now……Hmmmmmm, maybe because it was during the military era, but even at that, some years back, a once Governor of a state in Nigeria, later became the vice president and people still voted for him as the president and he ruled the nation for six solid years before the very eyes of Nigerians, no one asked for his certificate but we still called him a Ph.D. holder, because he said so. as far as I am concerned, a vast majority of people with educational qualifications are still classified under “illiterates”, and the ones who were never opportuned to get that qualification might as well be called the “educated fellows”. Let’s even ask ourselves what the word “Education” mean. Though still baffled at what happened to the rest of the presidential candidate who are also contesting for the coming up election.

23 more days to go……….imagesAJ2UZ5V4


I guess the law should be utilized as the force for positive change, bearing in mind for justice to prevail in all aspects of our lives.

Sir Christopher Sapara Williams, the first indigenous lawyer in Nigeria, the first Nigerian man to be called to bar and the first black man to be called to the English bar. He was an Advocate, a jurist, an orator and a politician to mention a few. He gave his words that ”a lawyer lives for the direction of his people and the advancement of the cause of his country.” these words embellished the chambers of one of Nigerian’s fierce and democratic lawyers, in person of Late Chief Gani Fawehinmi, SAN.

He made a huge impact in the amalgamation of Nigeria and Nigerian politics in general, even though He accepted European norms and values, He was part of the people who made suggestions to the colonial office for change to the imperial policy, such as establishing the then teachers training college in Lagos, He was one full of hope for his nation. What I would like Nigerian leaders and Lawyers especially the renowned ones amongst them to take from someone like this is that when the nation is passing through a face of uncertainty and crises, we need the people in power to act with a vision……………sapara