ALMA MATER……………………

So much controversies pertaining to one of Nigerian’s presidential candidate, Muhammadu Buhari. Sometimes I ask myself, people make culture and not the other way round. In the history of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari once ruled Nigeria (1983-1985) and no one ever bothered to ask for his academic certificate, why now……Hmmmmmm, maybe because it was during the military era, but even at that, some years back, a once Governor of a state in Nigeria, later became the vice president and people still voted for him as the president and he ruled the nation for six solid years before the very eyes of Nigerians, no one asked for his certificate but we still called him a Ph.D. holder, because he said so. as far as I am concerned, a vast majority of people with educational qualifications are still classified under “illiterates”, and the ones who were never opportuned to get that qualification might as well be called the “educated fellows”. Let’s even ask ourselves what the word “Education” mean. Though still baffled at what happened to the rest of the presidential candidate who are also contesting for the coming up election.

23 more days to go……….imagesAJ2UZ5V4

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