Its been a quiet moment for me, as I fear for what will happen to my beloved country, Nigeria. From the certificate saga to postponement of election.

I just recently read in the news, “Jonathan’s dangerous alliance with OPC and MASSOB. It was quite obvious that thing did not go well and somewhat went well, as in Awka the MASSOB protest was peaceful and the opposite was the case of the OPC, as they displayed aggressiveness towards passer-by, especially those trying to make end means for their families by being at their duty post as soon as possible.

Sometimes, I ask myself how things will be in twenty years time, if we keep breeding roasted meats as leaders. Notwithstanding, there are still some treacherous citizens who are not left out, as they are baits who only come to poison the masses and reap them of purity.

I remember barely two years ago when Nigeria was to mark the 2013 democracy day and His excellency, the president of Nigerian made mention in His speech that the nation was faced with three fundamental security challenges posed by the Boko haram, which were, the movement for the actualisation of the sovereign state of Biafra in the south-east and the Oodua people in the south-west. I have no idea were he was going to, but one thing I know for sure is that what happened in Awka is something the country should be conversant with as we have the forth coming elections drawing closer. It is a period were hungry politicians hire useless troops who are hungry as well to fight their battle. but one thing for sure is that a  man who acquires the ability to take full possession of his mind, would also have the ability to take what is justly entitled to him. LETS SEE WHO WINS THIS BATTLE TO TURN BACK THE HANDS OF TIME……….   Image result for photos of goodluck ebele jonathan and buhari

One thought on “FIDDLING”

  1. Bravo I luv ur initiative great lawyer of times to come, but it is good to include quotes where necessary and check paragraph 2 line number 5 do u mean ends means or ends meets. ADEBAYO T. K.

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