I remember back in Elementary school or junior high when you have a misunderstanding with your fellow class mate and u quarrel and friends and fellow class mates try to calm you both down. Few minutes later you find yourself at the head of school’s office for query and further questioning.

Fast forward to later…………Get back to class and the teacher comes in to warn other students and for the previous incident not to repeat itself, That’s exactly what just happened in Nigeria, and the headline goes thus; “JOHN KERRY MEETS JONATHAN, BUHARI: URGES NIGERIAN POLITICIANS TO ENSURE PEACEFUL ELECTION”. The last time I checked, I have never seen or read in the news that a Nigerian president or any African president has been to America to ensure a free and fair election. WHY?

The last time I checked America is a country 20 states bigger than Nigeria, it’s a country that have shown themselves to be bigger in all ramifications and the rest of the world has accepted it, because it’s called strategy, it’s a country full of ethnic minorities because it’s a land full of dreams and fulfilled dreams, it’s also called strategy, it’s a country where a world population indirectly worships whoever is the president and accepts decisions from them free of charge, it’s also called strategy. America is ruling the world today is because society has accepted that, why don’t we allow the society to accept us too. We accept every obstacle that come our way and relax, instead of telling that obstacle, “I can fix u.”

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