In many parts of the world, organised religion remains the most powerful force in a society. “Religion is the opium of the people”, is one of Karl Maxs’ celebrated dictum that had a quiet genesis. And in todays world, seems so. I read somewhere that “we were all humans until race disconnected us, religion separated us, politics divided us and wealth classified us. we are still humans and would always be. Race disconnected us because we allowed it happen, Religion separated us because we allowed it happen and politics because we decided it that way, politics is as old as man itself, because every human being has always practiced politics. We knew the word “politics” because the English man told us about politics.

The major religious groups in the world today are known as the “Abrahamic Religions” and this, because they are named for the patriarch, Abraham. Abraham was mentioned both in the Qur’an and the Bible and never was He mentioned for a negative thing, Abraham also the 16th president of the USA and I believe was assassinated because of his patriotism. In Nigeria, I got to understand the fact that the country’s religious affiliation is strongly related to ethnicity, believing that one ethnic group is better than the other, which obviously would bring about religious differences because each ethnic group is dominated by a religion and the dogmatism of religious opinions amongst people. oh yes, we are all guilty of that!!!!!! But this shouldn’t mean people should cut heads or slaughter people’s beloved over it, it’s very irresponsible and irrational, do u want to eat the religion?

Between 2011-2014, has seen an alarming death rate of people from different religions and ethnic backgrounds, WHY? I ask myself, “is it all in the name of religion”, hell no. Frankly, a growing desert makes things worse, as people from the north travel all the way to the south for food and other resources which would obviously bring about conflict as they are intruding, says John Campbell, a Nigerian expert at the council on foreign relation. And to make matters worse, the boko haram menace, I have personally decided to classify them as very local champions, bush meats and irresponsible lower animals that knows no bound.

It’s a country full of hopes and aspiration, a country full of potentials if only things could be done rightly, seriously, lets just do the right thing, because we come and go like ripples in the stream…………….


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