Politics is a game, a dirty one at that, full of lies and pretence. we play this game everyday, in schools, universities and sometimes in our homes…………………….


ALMA MATER……………………

So much controversies pertaining to one of Nigerian’s presidential candidate, Muhammadu Buhari. Sometimes I ask myself, people make culture and not the other way round. In the history of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari once ruled Nigeria (1983-1985) and no one ever bothered to ask for his academic certificate, why now……Hmmmmmm, maybe because it was during the military era, but even at that, some years back, a once Governor of a state in Nigeria, later became the vice president and people still voted for him as the president and he ruled the nation for six solid years before the very eyes of Nigerians, no one asked for his certificate but we still called him a Ph.D. holder, because he said so. as far as I am concerned, a vast majority of people with educational qualifications are still classified under “illiterates”, and the ones who were never opportuned to get that qualification might as well be called the “educated fellows”. Let’s even ask ourselves what the word “Education” mean. Though still baffled at what happened to the rest of the presidential candidate who are also contesting for the coming up election.

23 more days to go……….imagesAJ2UZ5V4


I guess the law should be utilized as the force for positive change, bearing in mind for justice to prevail in all aspects of our lives.

Sir Christopher Sapara Williams, the first indigenous lawyer in Nigeria, the first Nigerian man to be called to bar and the first black man to be called to the English bar. He was an Advocate, a jurist, an orator and a politician to mention a few. He gave his words that ”a lawyer lives for the direction of his people and the advancement of the cause of his country.” these words embellished the chambers of one of Nigerian’s fierce and democratic lawyers, in person of Late Chief Gani Fawehinmi, SAN.

He made a huge impact in the amalgamation of Nigeria and Nigerian politics in general, even though He accepted European norms and values, He was part of the people who made suggestions to the colonial office for change to the imperial policy, such as establishing the then teachers training college in Lagos, He was one full of hope for his nation. What I would like Nigerian leaders and Lawyers especially the renowned ones amongst them to take from someone like this is that when the nation is passing through a face of uncertainty and crises, we need the people in power to act with a vision……………sapara


In as much as the price of fuel has dropped by just 10naira, what happens to Diesel and Kerosene. We live in a country where lying to ourselves has become the order of the day.

The international benchmark dropped to $47.5(USD) per barrel from over $100, and now the price of fuel has reduced. The price of diesel which has been deregulated since 2009 still sells at 150naira per litre, then what’s the use. Nigeria was ones that country that the price of fuel was 11naira per litre and even lower than that, we were ones that country that didn’t have to bother about our exchange rate, because we were never on the same level with the dollar. Where has all this marginalised to. The fuel subsidy that was removed in 2012, no doubt was the rich that benefitted from it with the government subsidizing the market to keep domestic fuel price artificially low. But at the same time, the fuel subsidy that was removed has grown rampantly well over the years.

Ialison 4n 2012, it was estimated that the government spent close to $8billion on this subsidy, but the question now is that , the country earned $59billion from oil export and where can we place this fact? and yes what happened to the money. LOL. The giant of Africa, one of the world’s largest oil producers and with all the mineral riches, and yet we still have 54percent of people living below the national poverty line.

I love my country, and forever would be proud to be called a Nigerian. (We no dey carry last)


Women who seek to become Nigerian’s next President, are believed to seek for political relevance. ”Ordinary Nigerians, with no God father can be President”.

The independent National Electoral Commission has judged 11 qualified candidates for the upcoming presidential election and only 2 has been shortlisted by my fellow country people, what happened to the rest, “I wonder o”, Prof Oluremi Sonaiya being the only female candidate from the KOWA party. “its a man’s world”, we all say, but the question is ‘can a woman ever become the next President of Nigeria?’.

Women are vulnerable people and are therefore exposed to a lot of unguarded and dangerous things, which is not to say that some men are not vulnerable too. In fact, we all are vulnerable, LOL. having a woman as president, might not just fit right for some people, especially the possessive ones amongst the Nigerian people, forgetting say ‘na woman bring them come this world o’. In a family setting, she’s the heart and always there to watch everyone grow, by the way, I am not a feminist. Back to the matter, in the past 50 years, Nigeria has always been ruled by men and we’ve all seen the out come, it’s not that bad, but we Nigerian at times have a very shallow way of thinking, if u agree with me. let’s give it a try and see how it goes, there’s always a first time for everything in life.

“Educate a man, Educate an individual, Educate a woman, and you Educate a whole nation”.

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Building an “empty tomb” in honour of soldiers who lost their life and bodies are elsewhere. Thumbs up Mr President, but at the same time lets calculate how much has been lost from the Nation’s account.

Lets use the war memorial cenotaph situated in Whitehall, London, built over nine decades ago as a close scenario with this, the architects involved waived their fee to have cost 7,325GBP to build and a sum up total equivalent to 255,332GBP when adjusted by inflation in 2010.

Bringing this back to Nigerian currency, we are talking close to a billion naira if not more, and I have no doubt it’s approximately the same amount. My dear President, to be frank, Nigeria would have used that money for things more pressing to the nation. Building a Cenotaph shouldn’t be our priority even though no doubt, it’s surely a good thing. If that money was given evenly to the deceased family, no doubt, a little change would have remained. It won’t still change anything as the nation is still in bereavement. People whose families are probably still grieving over their loved ones.

Right now, the urge for Peace and Security in Nigeria is what is badly needed, and surely a Cenotaph is not what would bring back that peace and security. People are clamouring to change the world, forgetting we are the world. We make up the world and if the change doesn’t start from within ourselves, the world would remain as it is. Giving my utmost respect to the dead Soldiers and for the outright patriotism to their mother land.245