Now lets talk!!!!!

Hmm……..’time don waka like this and i never write for this place’, okay…… lets discuss something here now.

President Muhammadu Buhari is now in power and has even been in power for over a year now. a lot has happened in his one year as president and the part of the whole thing that has really grabbed my attention is the ‘tomatoes  wahala’ which i see as very hilarious. But, lets look at something here. in Nigeria, compared to some countries in the world, we grow our food all year round, however, some foods are seen or rather gotten in abundance according to its season, for example, yam, it is something that is gotten well enough, during the months of august, the igbo culture have what is known as the new yam festival…………..same as our tomatoes. Even though, it is something we use for our stew and jollof rice. Lets leave sentiment out of this, when you meet an average Nigerian house wife, that visits the market on a regular base,she would tell you, yes, tomatoes are expensive……….we import practically everything into the country including the  tomatoes. What are we making in the country by ourselves that we can boost of that gives us enough revenue? oil ti take over (oil is now the dominant source of revenue) LOL, its not like we are even refining the oil ourselves, we give foreign countries to do it for us and they send it back to us to buy at a higher rate (very embarrassing), anyway that aside. one aspect of the country that am sure a lot of us would know, that would bring lots of revenue is the agricultural sector, as of 2010, agriculture generated 30% of employment to the Nigerian citizens, as well as commercializing the business enterprises, however, this is one sector that could generate more than this 30% we talking about here………………...

abeg, no be only this one sef, i read say, Fulani herdsmen dey kill people for the country, and then i think again, what exactly is their reason? how did it start? where do they get their ammunition?

i get plenty things to talk but one thing i believe in, is that, no matter how good a leader is, the country won’t go anywhere without the maximum support of its people, and that is one thing we fail to understand, we need to start by changing our orientations about a lot of things . ‘don’t walk behind me, i may not lead; don’t walk in front of me, i may not follow; just walk beside me and be my friend’, this, i believe is what the nation is asking from us right now.

would be back soon for some more talks!!!




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