Women who seek to become Nigerian’s next President, are believed to seek for political relevance. ”Ordinary Nigerians, with no God father can be President”.

The independent National Electoral Commission has judged 11 qualified candidates for the upcoming presidential election and only 2 has been shortlisted by my fellow country people, what happened to the rest, “I wonder o”, Prof Oluremi Sonaiya being the only female candidate from the KOWA party. “its a man’s world”, we all say, but the question is ‘can a woman ever become the next President of Nigeria?’.

Women are vulnerable people and are therefore exposed to a lot of unguarded and dangerous things, which is not to say that some men are not vulnerable too. In fact, we all are vulnerable, LOL. having a woman as president, might not just fit right for some people, especially the possessive ones amongst the Nigerian people, forgetting say ‘na woman bring them come this world o’. In a family setting, she’s the heart and always there to watch everyone grow, by the way, I am not a feminist. Back to the matter, in the past 50 years, Nigeria has always been ruled by men and we’ve all seen the out come, it’s not that bad, but we Nigerian at times have a very shallow way of thinking, if u agree with me. let’s give it a try and see how it goes, there’s always a first time for everything in life.

“Educate a man, Educate an individual, Educate a woman, and you Educate a whole nation”.

prof 3prof

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