Building an “empty tomb” in honour of soldiers who lost their life and bodies are elsewhere. Thumbs up Mr President, but at the same time lets calculate how much has been lost from the Nation’s account.

Lets use the war memorial cenotaph situated in Whitehall, London, built over nine decades ago as a close scenario with this, the architects involved waived their fee to have cost 7,325GBP to build and a sum up total equivalent to 255,332GBP when adjusted by inflation in 2010.

Bringing this back to Nigerian currency, we are talking close to a billion naira if not more, and I have no doubt it’s approximately the same amount. My dear President, to be frank, Nigeria would have used that money for things more pressing to the nation. Building a Cenotaph shouldn’t be our priority even though no doubt, it’s surely a good thing. If that money was given evenly to the deceased family, no doubt, a little change would have remained. It won’t still change anything as the nation is still in bereavement. People whose families are probably still grieving over their loved ones.

Right now, the urge for Peace and Security in Nigeria is what is badly needed, and surely a Cenotaph is not what would bring back that peace and security. People are clamouring to change the world, forgetting we are the world. We make up the world and if the change doesn’t start from within ourselves, the world would remain as it is. Giving my utmost respect to the dead Soldiers and for the outright patriotism to their mother land.245

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