what country does a presidential election on valentines day?

well, my beloved country Nigeria does. A country were elections are for those who are able to bring out the most more (money) and deliver to the people to vote for them, a country were girls are taken to the sambisa Forest for no just course and afterwards are shipped to GOD know where, and no one does nothing about it, not even the so called confusionist we call leaders.

An ex military head of state ones said and I quote “if insurgency should last for more than 24 hours in a country then the government has a hand it” how much of this armed rebellions are we able to find and tackle in our dear country NIGERIA, it does not only go to the government, but also to the people, for an old adage ones said, “birds of the same feathers flock together”. I believe if the leaders are wrong, then the followers are there to correct them, no human being is perfect and no human being is born to be perfect. For, two heads is better than one. Right now as we speak, it seems as if people are clamouring for one thing in this upcoming election, which is the BUHARISATION of Nigeria, but lets not forget, it’s still a country that needs a lot of change, a country we yearn for leaders and not rulers, and most of all, a country we yearn for good people and not terrorist in tuxedo suits and tie, pretending to be human beings. To my fellow country people, Nigeria is ours and would remain ours for a life time. Let us not ask what Nigeria can do for us but rather what we can do for Nigeria.

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